Who I Am and What This Blog Will Be About

Some of this is true...

If you are reading this then you’ve probably followed a link from my Twitter account. My name is Thomas Reinard and I have been tweeting links about evolution and creationism for the past several months. I decided to start this blog in order to share this links in a slightly more efficient way and add some commentary to them. Hopefully this will also allow a dialogue to discuss them with others.

A little background information about myself: I am an ordained minister from the Midwest. I am not currently preaching because I am too busy with my day job. I don’t not have a degree in biology. I am almost completely self-taught over the last decade through the use of biology texts, popular science, and lurking evolution forums like Talk.Origins and Christian Forums. Also, Reinard is not my real last name. It is a nom de plume/nym that I use on the internet because I don’t like to share my private information.

My religious beliefs beliefs lean very heavily toward deistic evolution. I am a very big fan of people like Michael Dowd and Ken Miller. (But not Francis Collins, which I am sure I will be sure to explain at some point.) I believe that Nature is God’s manifestation to us as humans. I do not believe in a personal omni-benevolent God though. I believe in a God that was smart enough to set all of the dominoes into place, tap the first one, and then watch which way they will fall. I view all life as God’s ultimate experiment and evolution (via natural selection, sexual selection, genetic drift, etc.) as the rules set in place at the very beginning. I don’t see humans as the inevitable outcome of this experiment though. We are a Happy Accident that was formed out of complexity. I don’t plan on discussing religion on this blog too much unless I see that it is warranted.

I personally detest Intelligent Design. As the Kitzmiller v. Dover case showed ID was nothing but a political Trojan Horse to slip creationism back into high school science classes where it doesn’t belong. And on top of that it is bad apologetics. It is the same teleological argument that was disproved by Voltaire and Hume even before Darwin was born.

I don’t know yet how often yet I plan on updating this blog. I will try to do a post every day or two to provide links to interesting news stories. And do not worry, I will not be abandoning my Twitter account. I will still link things there and then comment here.

Thank you kindly,

Thomas Reinard